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Yom HaZikaron (ARCHIVE)

In Galilee, Israel on June 19, 2011 at 12:28 PM

(May 9, 2011) My father and I went to Nahariya today to the military cemetery for the ceremony of Yom HaZikaron. There was the honour guard and the shooting into the air and the soldiers of all ranks swarming the site along with the many families who had a loved one buried there.

This is the kever (grave) of Ehud Goldwasser the soldier who was captured and killed by terrorists along the border with Lebanon. He lived in Nahariya so he was buried there, one of the freshest graves.

Ehud Goldwasser

The most recent grave, in the same row as Ehud, was a Russian immigrant soldier who died in the fire on Mt. Carmel near Haifa this past winter.

We stopped by a grave from 1948 where an old woman originally from Transylvania was telling people – in English – about her older brother who was killed in Tarshiha (of Ma’alot-Tarshiha) as he and his unit provided cover for the other soldiers. He was also sieged at Yehiam (the castle I wrote about a few weeks ago) where as the people say, an Arab herder brought them a cow to eat for Pesach.

This was my Yom HaZikaron experience, tomorrow only happiness with Yom HaAtzmaut!

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